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Replica of a new series of low-budget rifles one of the most popular Chinese manufacturers in the world – CYMA. The rifle offers the same things as the other products of that manufacturer (metal gearbox and other mechanical parts), but thanks to the use of high-quality plastic in place of elements made of metal (eg. body, handguard, front/rear sights, buffer tube, flash hider, magazine) allowed reduced the price. Now, every beginner will be able to afford to buy their favorite rifle and start the adventure with ASG with reliable replica for lower price.

NOTICE! Replica have a unique serial number!

Parts used in mechanism of the replica:
* metal gearbox shell
* cylinder type 1
* directional piston head
* plastic piston
* reinforced steel slide bearings 8 mm
* M120 spring
* steel gears set
* reinforced spring guide with bearing, which makes it easier to work the spring and give you a few more fps

Set includes:
* replica with 12 month warranty
* 300rd Hi-Cap magazine
* 8,4V 1100mAh battery with charger

Every replica pass initial check up. It’s being checked and overshooted on XCORTECH X3200 chronograph.

Batteries and chargers are covered only by starting warranty.

Dodatne informacije




ABS, Metal

Muzzle energy

1.56 J

Muzzle velocity

430 fps



Gearbox version


Tip paljbe

Auto, Single

Baterija i Punjač

Fabrička baterija i punjač

Tip okvira

Hi Cap



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