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Walther Home Defense Revolver RAM T4E HDR 68 16.0 Joule - Cal. 68

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RAM Marker isključivo za kućnu samo zaštitu od provalnika!
Next Level Home Defense – The home defense revolver RAM T4E HDR 68 in the new and most powerful caliber .68 and powerful 16 joules.

The home defense revolver RAM T4E HDR 68, whose strengths clearly lie in the large caliber .68, the enormous energy and also the eye-catching optics, belongs to the latest generation of high-end training and marking weapons , which are used by both authorities and the military used for training purposes.

The Real Action Marker Home Defense Revolver RAM T4E HDR 68 is powered by a CO2 capsule that is easily accessible in the magazine. It has its place in the handle, but thanks to quick piercing, it is only pierced by a light tap on the underside of the handle. This means that the Home Defense Revolver RAM T4E HDR 68 is ready for use in a flash and guarantees full capsules whenever you need them.

You can easily load five .68 caliber bullets into the drum magazine and fend off an attacker with up to 16 joules . Rubber balls (rubber bullets) as well as chalk and paintball balls (markers) in .68 caliber can be fired.

Structured grip surfaces ensure a firm hold even in stressful situations and the trigger safety prevents unintentional firing in the event of a fall.

The Home Defense Revolver RAM T4E HDR 68 is delivered including a drum magazine that holds 5 shots in .68 caliber .


– latest generation of high-end training weapons: marking and training pistol for paintball, chalk and rubber bullets

Usable ammunition: paintballs, rubberballs, powderballs in .68 caliber
.68 caliber
System Co2
Magazine capacity 5 rounds
Energy 16.0 joules
Length 331mm
Weight 773 grams
Safe/Semi function

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ABS, Metal

Muzzle energy

11 J





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